Community Engagement

Clydebank Community Sports Hub has grown from the community of Whitecrook and the wider Clydebank area and continues to work closely with local people and groups to develop what we do for the benefit of everyone who lives here.

Our purpose and aim

Clydebank Community Sports Hub has been established to operate the facility under a partnership of clubs. Its aim is to share the running of the facility to provide a local home and centre of excellence for sports and community development.

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Assessing local needs

Market and community research found a lack of accessible and affordable venues that could help improve well-being, community regeneration and health, and be a catalyst for sustainable change.

Our survey work has shown that a large proportion of local people travel to use facilities outwith the area. There is therefore a clear demand for flexible, community orientated service provision.

The greatest demands were for an expansion of the physical activity space, services for young people and children, a place for family and social activity, and drop-in services for older people.

A new ‘heart’ for our community

Many local people expressed the view that, while Clydebank (and Whitecrook in particular) is a good place to live, it lacks a focal point. The Dean Street grounds and facilities, they felt, should offer a range of co-ordinated services and facilities to meet local needs (rather than simply booking out spaces to sporting clubs).

With no local café or other gathering place, a café at Dean Street could be a tool to address division in the community. The limited nature of youth facilities and services also causes problems locally and while we do not plan to offer a full youth service, we will use the facility to attract and engage with young people.

Community services are a way to engage local people in our core provisions, leading to people taking better control of their health and well-being.

If we can get young people involved in a youth café and older people involved in a lunch club, then they are one step closer, through relationship building, to involvement in more formal sport. 

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