Our Mission, Vision & Values

Clydebank Community Sports Hub is part of a national drive supported by sportscotland to get more people involved in sport.

We want everyone in Clydebank to benefit from what we do and we’re proud to be part of efforts to ensure a lasting legacy from the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

What is a Sports Hub?

Community sport hubs (CSH) are a
key part of sportscotland’s contribution to Legacy 2014 – the programme to ensure lasting benefits from Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games for communities across the country

CSHs are designed to increase the number of people participating in sport within local communities by improving access to sport for local people and
by supporting local sport clubs to work together.

With Lottery funding, sportscotland is committed to driving the project through our corporate plan cycle to 2015 and has allocated an annual budget of £1.5 million to develop CSHs according to local needs and resources.

The aim is to establish CSHs in all 32 local authorities with at least 150 hubs operating across Scotland by April 2015.

For an update on the progress of CSHs across the country and to find out more about individual hubs, where they are and what sports they offer, visit www.sportscotland.org.uk/hubs

Our Mission

CCSH exists to promote and encourage community participation in healthy recreation activities through the provision of facilities for playing sports including but not limited to Rugby, Tae Kwan Do, Football and Gaelic Football

We aim to establish an inclusive and accessible community hub that provides opportunities for local people to engage in educational and recreational activities that promote health, wellbeing, learning and social interaction.

Our Vision & Values

Our Hub is focused on the clubs that use the facilities at Whitecrook working together for our local community.

In common with other Community Sports Hubs, we work to the following five principles:

  • Growth in participation
  • Understanding of community need
  • Supporting community leadership
  • Offering a range of sports
  • Ensuring all of the appropriate people are working together. 

To make this happen, we work closely with local sports clubs, community groups, businesses, residents, schools, higher education providers and West Dunbartonshire Council.

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